Carpet Repair Houston says:
* Carpet Repair
* Carpet Stretching
* Flood Damage
* Carpet Cleaning

Pet Damaged Repair

Our pets are part of the family, and sometimes, they can tear, rip or destroy your carpet, know that you’re not alone. We’ve seen it & we can

Carpet Stretching

Are you beginning to see ripples, waves or wrinkles in your carpet? I am sure you are asking yourself why is this happening? There’s a few reasons why carpets buckle or ripple…

Commercial Cleaning

Years ago when it was time to clean your professional business space, many people would simply walk over to the nearest phone book, look up professional carpet cleaners…

Berber Repair

The Carpet Specialists berber repair houston knows that once a heel of a shoe or a pet gets a hold of it, it can develop “runs” or “pulled rows”. The Carpet Specialists…

Water Damage

Carpet water damage can be quite stressful for both homeowners and business owners alike. It can happen pretty much at any time whether you’re away relaxing on a nice vacation…

Carpet Repair

We have a mighty arsenal of intense cleaning solutions and incredible repair techniques that are very highly effective in treating and removing even the most stubborn, annoying…

Here’s What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Us

Experts at their jobs

The Carpet Specialists have done several things for us. They’ve cleaned our carpets, removed ripples due to the contractors not doing their jobs properly, and they’ve repaired certain patches that needed repair. I continue to use The Carpet Specialists because they show up on time, always do what they say they’re going to do, and do nice, quality work. Their technicians are pleasant and knowledgeable and provide professional work at a reasonable price. I’m very pleased with everything that they’ve done and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Richard C.

Katy, TX

Service was excellent and I truly recommend them

The Carpet Specialists did some carpet repairs and it came out perfect. They gave good service that was fast and quick. I called them and they came out and did it right away, so I didn’t have to wait. I would use them again if I were in Texas.

Berkley S.

Katy, TX


Jose from The Carpet Specialists was extremely professional, courteous, and explained everything and the process ahead of time. He repaired the carpet in one room and then cleaned the entire house–3 bedrooms, one living room and one hallway. Everything turned out perfectly. It was my first time calling them and their price for the service was reasonable. I would use them again.

Lisa C.

Spring, TX

Fast and Attentive

I found The Carpet Specialists online; and they called me back right away. They removed an old carpet in my closet and replaced it with a new carpet. The service was good. The carpenter was professional, courteous, attentive and quick. I am pleased with the results.

Jennifer G.

Houston , TX